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Filing A Complaint On an Unlicensed Agency

Unlicensed security and investigative agencies in Maryland pose a serious issue to the profession and the citizens in that unlicensed agencies are under no control and operate independently of any licensing or regulation. They can employ persons with criminal records because their personnel do not comply with the Maryland State Police licensing requirements. You are an integral part in the reporting and investigation process to regulate unlicensed and rouge security companies and investigators. There are three steps that can be taken. First, check to see if the agency is currently licensed. Second, complete the Maryland State Police complaint form. Once you complete this form, you can submit via email attachment to the Maryland State Police licensing Division, instructions are included on the form. Third you can request that MISA follow up with you.

Do you wish MISA to follow up?

This is NOT required, if you do not wish MISA to follow up.

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