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Delivering Excellent Service

Share In The History

MISA was formed in the early 1950’s and was the voice of the industry, helping create Titles 13 and 19 that govern the industries in Maryland today.

Be Part Of The Future:

MISA networks with associations, lobbyists, and organizations to watch both federal and state legislation that may affect the Security or Investigative community. MISA, by virtue of its long-standing history and involvement, has earned a place at the table and a voice heard by legislators when it comes to matters that could affect your business. The Legislative Committee brings you the news of our profession as it happens. Participate to effect positive change in governance of our industry.

MISA Directory

MISA members enjoy the privilege of having their company listed on the MISA website, ensuring potential customers that you are a licensed professional endorsed by the state’s oldest established organization in the industry.


Members can proudly display the MISA logo on their websites and emails, demonstrating the professional affiliation.

Exclusive Member Listserv

Ask other members questions, referral opportunities, advertise a training or event, stay current on what is going on, etc.  Join discussions with our members about relevant topics that could impact your business.


Access to Member Directory, gain assistance from members, farm out work or receive work from other members, and locate specialist niche investigators. Members may also share resources and expertise that can expand the services you offer. Many members partner, subcontract, or refer business to other members on a regular basis.

MISA Quarterly Newsletter

Publish an article, learn about new MISA members and relevant industry information.


MISA is a resource for private investigators and security professionals. MISA can provide support to members ranging from the MSP application process, to offering answers to unknowns, or connecting you with other industry professionals. MISA maintains a working relationship with the Maryland State Police.

Training Opportunities

MISA is comprised of members that are leaders and experts in their fields. Many members share ideas and valuable information on industry standards.

Annual Meetings/Events

Attending events and connecting with other industry professionals will enhance your network of connections, create new opportunities, and keep you informed of important industry information. Learn from speakers representing the investigative/security community.

Affiliate relationships

Valuable offers and discounts from affiliate companies that offer industry related products and services, such as hardware, software, PI insurance, surveillance and other industry equipment, etc.

Click below to download or complete an application. Completed applications can be emailed to and an invoice can be emailed to you for online payment of membership fees.

If you prefer to mail in an application with a check for the membership fees, please mail to:

Maryland Investigators and Security Association

P.O. Box 1053
Mount Airy, Maryland 21771

Renew Your Membership

  • One Year Renewal

    Valid for one year
  • Two Year Renewal

    Renew Your Active Membership for Two Years!
    Valid for 2 years
  • Three Year Renewal

    Renew Your Active Membership for Three Years!
    Valid for 3 years
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